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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions, answered! Check out Voyager's most frequently asked questions when it comes to uploading your entries, choosing the right competition & category, and what else the Voyager platform has to offer our members.

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Uploading Your Content

Can I upload video files?

At the moment, we don't currently support the uploading of video files themselves. However, we have a great way for you to share your videos with us, and that's by using the link sharing option.

My file is too big or not in an accepted format - What do I do?

Although we only accept small, audio file uploads, we still want to hear and see your content! Read on for how to use a file-sharing platform...

What's the link sharing option?

Link sharing is when you host your file on a file-sharing platform, like Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. Then, you give us a publically accessible link to that video, which we pass onto our judges.

How do I use a file-sharing platform?

Check out the links below to visit specific instructions about how to generate a sharing link on your file-sharing platform:

A note about We Transfer: There are some services, like We Transfer, that host your file temporarily. Make sure you use a platform that will host your content up to 90 days after the listed end date of a competition.

I've got my link - Now what?

Once you've got your link, simply head back to your entries on Voyager and select the entry that you'd like to submit. Then, click the 'Link' option under Upload, and paste in you link - VoilĂ !

How do I know the judges can view my link?

The Voyager team will verify that every entry is accessible before we send them off to our judges. However you can help us by opening your link on a different computer or device, and checking that you can open it there. If you know how to use private or incognito browser windows for your device, pasting your link into one of these windows is a great way to check the link is accessible to the public.