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Keen to have a career in the music industry? Read this article to see some of the jobs you may be interested in having when you're ready to take a leap and start in one of the most well-known and exciting industries in the world!

Posted By the Voyager Team on: Nov 19, 2020

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Have you ever had a dream to work within the music industry but don’t know the kind of careers you could have? Here we have listed some potential career paths you could take to work in the most creative and alluring industry in the world! Although music can be a tricky industry to break into, it teaches you life skills about resilience, persistence and to find your strengths and how to utilise them best.


This one is self-explanatory but if you have lots of grit and determination, this path is the one for you! Being a singer or artist isn’t all glitz and glam though. It's early morning wake up’s, lots of press, live touring, and waking up in places you have never heard of before. Although it is hard work, it is rewarding too. You get to share your music with the world and work with some of the most talented people in the industry.

Music Producer:

A music producer is essentially responsible for the final result of a song, EP, or album that is to be released. They give the artists or musicians feedback or advice with recording techniques and you need to have a good ear for imperfections and hearing potential in music. You work closely with the sound engineer to make sure they are doing their job to your standards and working to reach the same outcome as you. You are overseeing every detail in the studio and can sometimes mean crazy work schedules with staying up all night just to get a song finished.

Music Teacher:

As a music teacher, you are responsible for building confidence and skillsets within a wide variety of different students. Music teachers are a great way to give back to your community and is a very rewarding job to take on. Whether you want to teach a specific instrument or general knowledge and skills, you most likely love sharing your talents and knowledge with others. There are different levels where you can teach from 3-year-olds up until 70+!

Musical Therapist:

Music therapists are some of the most special people within the music industry. Their job is to help the overall mental wellbeing of patients and people due to stress, pain, and physical trauma. As we know, music is therapeutic and helps calm the mind down. You can earn certifications through many courses within Australia and other countries and the course length usually ranges from 6 months to 2 years, depending on the level of education. Musical therapists can work through a private practice or at hospitals, mental health agencies, rehab centers, daycare, nursing homes, and schools.

Musical Journalist:

If you’re someone who loves music but prefers staying behind the scenes, being a music journo might be the perfect fit for you! Some of the most well-known magazines in the world such as Rolling Stone and Billboard are music based and you would be able to cover concerts, profile artists and review new albums that are coming out. Being a part of the music press could also mean meeting established or up-and-coming artists as a part of interview processes. Your writing could help influence thousands of people to love music and make a difference In the world.

Artist Manager:

As a manager of an artist, you are responsible for shaping a musician's short term and long term career. Artist managers help book gigs, plan new albums, plan record releases and tours. You help create marketing and merchandising strategies, help establish career goals, and network with other members of your team such as record label execs. You need to be organised, have a good work ethic, and be willing to step up in times of stress and conflict.

Sound and Audio Engineer:

I have good news if you’re interested in being a sound or audio engineer; It is one of the highest paying careers within the music industry! Audio engineering, also known as sound engineering or recording engineers, help produce the over sound for a recording or live performance. It is about balancing and adjusting sound sources by using equalisation, audio effects, mixing reproduction, and reinforcement of sound. You would close with the producer to achieve a solid song or album. FUN FACT: Being a sound or audio engineer doesn’t just mean working for artists and musicians, you can also work in movies, TV, and video games!

Although these are simple descriptions of these certain jobs, hopefully, it gives you some idea of what would be expected of you in those areas. There are hundreds of jobs within the music industry and the great thing is, more keep popping up with new technological advancements and the evolution of the industry.

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~Bella, The Voyager Team

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