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Finding Confidence As A Performer And Artist

It can be really hard to find confidence in ourselves within the music industry. There can be times where we don't believe in our talents. Read this article to find the best tips and tools to make sure you can feel self-assured and fabulous, all the time!

Posted By the Voyager Team on: Oct 7, 2020

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Confidence seems like a really hard skill to master. Some days you feel great within your skills and other days, not so much. Artistic confidence frees us from self-doubt and allows our creativity to feel endless. When you start to feel confident within yourself and your abilities, the success you gain is immense. This article gives you 5 ways on how you can start building your confidence and finding your sparkle!

1. Self-Evaluate But Be Kind

After a performance or even after writing a new song, it’s important to reflect on how we did and think of ways we could improve next time. There is a fine line when being self-critical though, as we are all our best critiques and sometimes our inner monologue doesn’t reflect how others viewed our performance or craft. It is really important to know that self-evaluations are beneficial to our growth but remember to be kind to yourself. Sing a bad note? Everyone does! Write an average song? I'm sure Prince wrote a few of those too! Reflect then move on. Don’t dwell on mistakes and try telling yourself something you did well.

2. Have Positive Responses To Stress

We all get stressed and when we don’t cope with it well, there seems to be a bigger cloud over the situation than there actually is. Performing can be a big trigger of stress, as well as trying to write you next hit song so as people in the music industry, we know this feeling very well. Having a positive stress response, keeps you in the present moment and gives you a chance to actively work towards solving your problem, keeping you confident and calm. I’ve listed below some strategies that are positive coping responses:

  • -Exercising or going outdoors
  • -Practicing Meditation or other breathing exercises
  • -Playing with your family pet or an animal
  • -Taking a bath or shower
  • -Laughing or crying (Yes, crying can be a great emotional release in some situations!)
  • -Having a chat with a close friend or relative

Positive responses to stress also help you feel stronger within yourself as you know you can deal with any situation at any time!

3. Confidence Comes By Doing

You can read endless books and articles on ways to build confidence straight away. The tools and tips help but you have to implement them into your everyday life to see the benefits of them! Confidence comes by doing and gaining it isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. As author and psychologist Amy Morin says, “Healthy self-confidence is built by mastering new things and overcoming things you once thought you couldn’t,” don’t strive for perfection, strive for progress.

4. Positive Thinking Has Positive Outcomes

This is my favourite saying and the only piece of advice I actively take. Positive thoughts have positive outcomes! Before you sit down to write a song, think about all the amazing ideas you have swirling in your head and that your capabilities are endless. Entering a Fast Track Talent competition? Start hyping yourself up and saying you will achieve your goals and be proud at the end of the comp! It can be easy to go to the negative place in your mind, especially when it comes to performing or working on your craft, so make an effort, to start thinking positively and watch what you manifest.✨

5. The Little Engine That Could

This is the part where you put all these tips together; Watch the magic unfold! Have you ever heard of The Little Engine That Could? He started his journey by saying “I think I can, I think I can” but the small word of ‘think’, signifies self-doubt, a lack of confidence, and worry. Change that to “I KNOW I can, I KNOW I can” and you’ve now changed your language to a confident, more positive one. It is small changes like this, that make the biggest difference and how you view yourself as a performer and artist.

Here at Voyager, we strive to let our members feel the best that they can and hope that with this article, you start taking your journey towards being a more optimistic and confident version of yourself!

With 💜,

~Bella, The Voyager Team

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