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How To Create A Productive Work Environment

Wanting to increase your productivity and creativity with just some simple steps? Read this blog post about how your work environment can help with those things AND take your music to the next level!

Posted By the Voyager Team on: Sep 25, 2020

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This week here at the Voyager Newsroom, we thought we’d bring you an article on how to create a safe, creative and productive environment for you to create your music in. Seeing as many Australians right now are staying home more than usual, we thought these tips would be very useful right now. As musicians and artists, we all have different needs in our creative space to help motivate us, so here are a few easy tips to incorporate into your space, if you haven't already!

1. Light and Darkness

Wherever you have decided to set up your creative space, the light and darkness in that room can help improve your mood and creativity. Research published by Eco Business showed that workspaces with sufficient daylight saw an uplift of between 5% and 40% in productivity and creativity, meaning, the more natural light you have coming in, the better it is for you and your music! Go and open that window!

FACT: Renowned author George Bernard Shaw valued natural light so much that he commissioned the building of a well-lit “writer’s hut” where he later wrote 20 plays in.

2. Cluttered Space, Cluttered Mind

We all know the saying; Cluttered space means a cluttered mind, and it’s SO TRUE! Our physical environment significantly impacts our emotional and mental health and when our creative space is cluttered and messy, it usually means we start avoiding that space which means no music creation. In 2011, neuroscience researchers found that clearing clutter from the home and work environment resulted in a better ability to focus as well as increased productivity. See, it's scientifically proven you will perform better if you clean up a little!

3. Space

Find a space where you can move your body! I don’t know about you, but when I’ve been focused for a long period of time, I always stay sitting in the same position. After a while, my body starts aching and I know that means I need to move around (Maybe a handstand or two 😉). This increases blood flow back into my body and brain, thus increasing my ability to create. You need an area where you can pace, jump, walk, and cartwheel around as movement is necessary for the body.


We all know plants help increase oxygen levels when placed inside a room or home, but did you know they are also proven to increase productivity and creativity? As John explains in his blog “Having a desk plant has been shown to increase productivity and improve memory. Certain plants can also help spark creativity. A manicured bonsai tree can create a peaceful atmosphere and orange, red, and yellow flowers also seem to get the creative juices flowing”.

FACT: Plants have also proven to help cognitive health and reduce stress. Sounds too good to be true!

And there it is! 4 ways you can help improve your productivity and creativity in your work/creative space. Who else is going to buy a plant on the weekend?!

With 💜,

~Bella, The Voyager Team

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