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How To Support A Musician

When someone you love starts their journey with music, it is really important that you show your support and confidence within them, in order to help them achieve their goals and be successful. Here we have listed ways you can show your encouragement towards their dreams ✨

Posted By the Voyager Team on: Nov 11, 2020

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When someone you know and loves are starting music or has been playing for a while, it is really important to show them support and love on this journey. Music can have tough roads ahead with lots of self-questioning and doubt so when someone is consistently encouraging and optimistic about your goals, it makes the world of difference!

Hype Them Up

This one is easy but hype 👏🏻 them 👏🏻 up!! If they show you a new song they are learning or a video of them singing, let them know you’re proud of them! Showing someone you’re excited with their abilities is a major confidence booster and it also helps them trust you more with their music. Just like you’d do at a footy field, let them know you’re on their side and know they are gonna do great!

Help Them Practice

Is your loved one or friend learning a new instrument or regularly practicing one? Help them out! Ask them what they would like you to assist with whether that be setting the metronome, help to tune their guitar, or even just letting them know if something sounds wrong that they can't hear. You don’t have to be a musician yourself to help one out, just by offering help can be enough indication that you support them.

Give Honest Feedback

Although it is important to hype your friends and family up with their music, being honest is a big part of that. If they are playing in the wrong key or keep missing a chord, let them know. Not singing in time? Tell them! Remember to use tact when giving honest advice and be constructive, not judgmental. Honest feedback, when given the right way, can help a musician grow more than if you’re constantly telling them they are amazing.

Help Them Find Opportunities

If the musician you are supporting is under 16 or too young to help seek out opportunities themself, step in and see what you can do! There are lots of small venues around Australia that welcome all ages to perform a live set, why not help them book a gig?. Other opportunities you can help find is a great music teacher for them or even signing them up for a Voyager online competition or a Fast Track Talent Show!💜💜

Ask Questions

The main way to show anyone in your life emotional support is by asking them questions. “What song are you working on at the moment? “Is anything making you feel stressed?”, “What did you learn today?”. Simple questions like this show that you are invested in their music and care about the journey they are on. You don’t need to ask a million at a time as they may feel overwhelmed but just let them know you are thinking of them and want to know about what they are up to!

Make Small Gestures

Making small gestures in another way to make someone feel appreciated and cared for. Find a funny Instagram post that relates to their music? Tag them! Find a cute little guitar Christmas bauble? Why not buy it! These small acts of kindness make the biggest difference with someone feeling supported or not. You don’t have to spend lots of money or even do it every day, but the occasional gesture of showing someone you’re there for them and support their dreams makes them feel supported.

I hope that this gives you new ideas on how to support your friend or family member on their musical journey. Best of luck,

With 💜,

~Bella, The Voyager Team

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