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Overcoming Stage Fright

Whether you're performing at a live event or recording yourself at home, stage fright can sometimes get the best of us. Read this article for the 5 best tips on overcoming your nerves and giving the performance of your life!

Posted By the Voyager Team on: Sep 12, 2020

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Stage fright, the enemy of a performer. We all get it, whether we are extroverted or not and it can be such an annoying thing to experience as it can cause some setbacks in our singing and performances. Here at Voyager, we have come up with the 5 most helpful tips in gaining control back and giving you the best chance at an award-winning performance!

Deep Breathing

We’ve all been there. Right before you’re about to go on stage, your heart starts beating rapidly and you feel like you’re quickly losing control of your breathing. As singers, you know how important it is to have breath control as it creates a smooth and strong sound so when it starts to feel like it's too much, focus on taking deep breaths. I know it can be hard when you're nervous, but I want you to practice something called grounding. There are 5 steps:

  • Find 5 things you can see
  • 4 things you can touch
  • 3 things you can hear
  • 2 things you can smell
  • and 1 thing you can taste

This exercise is helpful as it brings back control to your environment, settles your mind, and slows your breathing. Try it next time before you’re about to perform and see if it helps!

TIP: If these things aren’t working, grab a friend or family member to help breathe with you. Mimicking someone else’s actions can be just as comforting.

Distract Yourself

This one is my personal favorite and what I use before every performance! I try to distract myself from the task ahead. Truth is, you have probably practiced this song a million times and know it like the back of your hand so there is no point of going over the lyrics in your head and freaking yourself out. Try distracting yourself by chatting with some friends or family about anything other than your performance. A little bit of laughter and chatter can do wonders to your nerves and helps you relax more.

Everyone Wants To See You Succeed, Not Fail

This one is really important but it is also easy to forget. We all have a little negative voice in our heads. The one that tells you you’re going to forget the lyrics or fall on stage but it's your job to tell it to quit for a minute. Remind yourself that everybody wants to see you succeed, not fail. They haven't come to the competition to see you freeze on stage, they came because they know what you’re capable of and what talents you hold! You are worthy of greatness, you just have to believe it!

Remind Yourself Why You Are There

You are performing at a competition for a reason. It might be because you love singing, love performing live or maybe it’s to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Whatever it is, remind yourself why you are there and it’ll set off a rush of motivation. Not everyone can do what you do, it takes very special people to get on stage as it's a very vulnerable experience so tell yourself this before you perform!

FUN FACT: Did you know Adele gets major stage fright?! It was one of the reasons why she stopped touring altogether. Crazy to think that some of the biggest stars get it as well!

Get Moving!

This might just be me, but stage fright gives me the major jitters. My hands shake and my body just wants to MOVE. So do just that! Start by shaking your ankles out, move it up to your legs, belly, and arms. Whilst you shake your body out, envision you’re shaking out the nerves with it. Jumping up and down can also help bring back some pep and energy, so when you’re finally on that stage, you look confident and ready to go!

TIP: I wouldn’t recommend the jumping RIGHT before you go on stage, just in case it causes you to lose your breath!

Whether you get stage fright all the time or only with bigger crowds, we hope these tips are helpful. Voyager's main goal is to help all artists do their best at our competitions and these are great steps to help achieve that. Although these tips might seem to only help when performing live, use them when you are recording at home too!

With 💜,

~Bella, The Voyager Team

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