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Last Updated: 25/03/2020

The following terms and conditions governs all usage on the Voyager Competitions platform. In addition to these terms, specific competitions may list their own terms, for example, regarding any applicable category restrictions.

  1. VOYAGER COMPETITIONS, to be referred herein as The Platform. The Platform is home to various music competitions which operate under the following terms and conditions.
  2. A MEMBER is a person who creates their own identity or membership on The Platform. Members must be 13 years of age or older. Members can purchase and submit entries on behalf of those under 13 if they are a parent or legal guardian.
  3. ENTRIES are accepted online only. You will need to be a member before you can submit music. This is a very easy process and takes a couple of minutes.
  4. RIGHTS: Members retain all rights and ownership to their original music once entered to The Platform. The Platform will hold no rights or ownership to original music entered
  5. SUBMISSIONS: Submission quality can range from rough demo through to professionally completed productions and everything in between. It is important that we can hear the music clearly in all recordings. Our teams welcome all levels of recorded audio and video production including rough mobile phone recordings. As we know, sometimes all members can do is get a rough phone recording of a song, so we would love to hear all of those too!
  6. CATEGORIES: Members can submit as many songs as you want in each category. Members can also enter the same song in various categories. The more songs you enter the more chances you will have to win. All entries will be heard.
  7. ORIGINAL WORKS: By submitting original music to any competition on The Platform, you agree that you either have sole ownership of your music or you are permitted to enter your original music to The Platform on behalf of co-writers. The Platform requires you to list the full names of any co-writers of your songs when you enter your songs.
  8. MEMBER INFORMATION: The information you provide The Platform must be true and correct or your membership can be terminated immediately.
  9. PAYMENTS: Payments must be made through the website application. We do not accept cheque, cash, money orders or EFT.
  10. ENTRY FEES: The pricing of entries for each competition will be listed on each competition page. Pricing is based per entry and each competition may offer discounts as listed.
  11. AGE RESTRICTIONS: Competitions may offer age restricted categories. Members will be required to enter their true and correct date of birth to be eligible for these categories.
  12. LIVE PERFORMANCE ENTRIES: Live performance entries must have an uploaded video with a clear view of the live performance and either a live room sound (recorded by the camera) or mixed audio edited after the performance. We accept mobile phone video recordings. Our team are highly experienced in evaluating great live performances in relatively poor conditions however we do encourage well-lit videos with easy to hear audio. Performances from public shows and gigs are welcome. All genres of music are accepted in this category. This category judges delivery, emotional connection with the music, audience connectivity, musicianship or vocal deliverance.
  13. JUDGING PROCESS: Members agree that all decisions on successful nominees are to be decided solely by the judging panel, and that all decisions are final.
  14. PRIVACY AND INDEMNITY: Members agree that all musical works will be distributed to the judging panel for the purpose of judging and evaluation only. By entering a song to The Platform the member agrees to indemnify VOYAGER, its sponsors, staff, judges, and partners from any damages, losses or claims for injury or loss to its person or related persons or property partly, indirectly or directly from its involvement in The Platform.
  15. ANNOUNCEMENT DATES: Announcement dates will be posted on the competition pages.
  16. WINNERS: Winners will be contacted by The Platform via phone and email. Once a successful artist has been notified of their result they will be required to sign a basic agreement outlining that they have the right to enter the song in the competition, and that all details pertaining to The Platform song entry are ‘true and correct.’ Failure to comply with this process will result in the song entries cancellation and another song entry taking its place.
  17. PROMOTION: By entering The Platform, you agree for The Platform to use your name, face and likeness across all forms of media into the future for The Platform advertising, publicity and promotions without further monetary or in-kind payment to the member.
  18. PRIZES: The Platform endeavours to deliver prizes to winners in a timely fashion. Prizes cannot be transferred to a third party. If a prize becomes unavailable The Platform may require to pay the winner the wholesale cash value of that prize via EFT, or an alternative prize may be gifted at a higher or lesser dollar value to that of the original prize. Members indemnify The Platform, its partners and sponsors from losses or liabilities relating to all prizes won. All taxes relating to the country or state the member lives in are the responsibility of the member and will not be covered by The Platform. Prizes which are being distributed by sponsors may take longer to get to members than if they are being distributed from The Platform Head Office. If a member has not received their prize within 90 days they can notify The Platform of any issues by using our contact page and a Voyager team member will rectify the situation as best possible. If a member fails to notify The Platform of a non-delivered prize within this time frame The Platform cannot take any further responsibility for that prize.
  19. WINNING ENTRIES: Members agree that all winning songs will be published publicly to The Platform community and wider international music industry on announcement. If you do not want your song released publicly you have the option to have your song privately listed on your entry.
  20. FINAL ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS: All members and their associate partners, their parents or legal guardians (if under 18), agree to be legally bound by the above terms and conditions. By creating a member profile and entering one (or more) works to The Platform, all members accept and confirm that the above information has been understood by all parties before proceeding.